Amazing Things My Kid Does

Parents, isn’t is downright astonishing that we’ve managed to sustain humans of our own? Whether you gave birth to, adopted, fostered, took responsibility for, however you brought a child into your family, you’ve raised that human by yourself. And that’s pretty freakin’ cool. In the every day shuffle of routine, sometimes we go all day without noticing something adorable, innovative, or otherwise intelligent that our little humans have done, and even the amazing things we witness them do can go long forgotten. Here is a compilation of some of the cool, funny, smart, kind, and human things that my five year old has done…

He replaces the toilet paper roll. Okay, let me explain. The only time I ever don’t replace it myself is because the trash bag in the bathroom needs to be replaced. That’s it. My husband will get a new roll from under the sink, but he’ll hardly ever replace the empty one on the holder. He’ll just put the entire new roll on top of the sink. Shore, he goes the extra mile. He’ll, without a doubt, change the roll if he comes up on an empty one.

He dried his classmate’s tears on his sleeve. The day before Spring break started in March, Shore’s teacher, Mrs. F, texted Adam and I a sweet little anecdote. Shore has a lot of ESL (english as a second language) children in his class, and a particular new student was having constant frustrations from being in an unfamiliar school and speaking a non-dominant language. Mrs. F. told us the student spent a lot of time crying by herself. One day in after-care, Shore walked right up to her without saying a word, and dried her tears on his sleeve. Aw.

He had a full voice-to-text conversation with Nana. This is so sweet. I picked Shore up from school one day and he hijacked my phone to have a conversation with his Nana. He talked about his fear of rock climbing, what he wants to do at her house next time he sees her, and about never giving up. Check it out:

IMG_2610 IMG_2611 Text1 Text2 IMG_2614

He reads. Shore has been reading full children’s books since he was four. As long as we get to bed on time, we read a story before going to sleep. He can now read almost any book he picks out, even if we’d never read it before. Some nights he will read to us, and most nights he wants us to read for him. Either way, there’s no denying how melty my heart felt after Adam reported that Shore was cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by his friends, reading them a story when he picked him up from school last week. How cool is it, that our son can share his joy of reading with the other children in his classroom?


Raising a child warms my heart. From the tender moments to the obnoxious ones, they all keep life interesting and are constant reminders that these kids are our own. What are some of the amazing things your children have done? Share below in the comments!

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