Holy S%#t… I’m Pregnant!

And what a whirlwind it has been! Despite having a five, almost six (!!!) year old, it almost feels like my very first time. There are vast differences from my first pregnancy and this go-around; the most glaringly obvious difference being my incredible partner that I have by my side. Becoming a new mother by myself compared to becoming a new mother next to my husband brings a wonderous new appreciation and excitement toward expanding my family.

While it was quite a shock to see the double-lined positive on the test, this pregnancy was far from unplanned. We’d been talking about our intentions to start a family for just shy of a year, and actively “not-not” trying for several months. It wasn’t until six or so months ago that we got serious about it, and boy, did our dream come true…

On the evening of April 24, We put Shore to bed around 7:30, and cuddled up on the couch to watch Okja. (Sad, powerful, excellent film!) About an hour or so in, I ran to the bathroom, and instinctively peed on a pregnancy test with no real rhyme or reason. I’d been taking tests the previous couple of months so it was just something I did by now. At this point my period was a couple of days late, though, I wasn’t too curious, as my cycle can range anywhere from 31-35 days and wasn’t always right on time. I finished, set the pregnancy test on the sink and watched for it’s results. After I saw the familiar single line and nothing else, I quickly threw it in the trash can and returned to the couch to finish the movie.

About an hour later it ended, and I had to go pee (again!). As soon as I wrapped up my business, I looked down and saw the test stick in the garbage… along with two, bright pink lines! In disbelief, I uttered, “holy shit!” “Adam! Come here! I’m PREGNANT!” Adam walks into the bathroom to meet me, and has the most anti-climatic response. He was in disbelief. He actually did not believe that I was pregnant, and it was causing me to doubt it, too! By now it was about 10:00 pm, and I put my shoes on and went to the store to buy two more packages of pregnancy tests. When I got home, Adam was on the couch with the television off, waiting for me to take another.

I peed.

Shore wakes up, perhaps from sensing the excitement.

While Adam is trying to put him back to bed, I’m doing a happy dance in the bathroom, waiting to share the second positive pregnancy test with Adam. Once Shore was settled, we were in total, happy, shock. Instantly our thoughts and conversation is driven toward what it’s going to be like, how the change will affect our family, and how wonderful it will be to raise another human being together.

After we wound down a bit, I was gushing with excitement to tell my closest confidants. Adam and I called my mom and sister to share the exceptionally good news. After telling them, in that moment, I truly felt “something” come over me. Realizing that those two lovely women were with me, while I was in tears, facing the reality of a positive pregnancy test over six years ago. I watched my life come full circle, and this time beside my husband, we all shared the heart-filled joy of the double pink line.

Since that day, everything has changed. My mind is consumed. My energies were shot for a good six weeks, but I’m just starting to feel so much better. I’m so eager to complete a birth plan and to have the opportunity to share this incredible journey with my husband and our son. I look forward to documenting the differences between this pregnancy and my last – physically, mentally, emotionally – and otherwise, because it’s very apparent already that I have vastly different plans this time around. We are thrilled to have booked the best birth photographer in Columbus, perhaps the mid-west, and she has already inspired me in more ways than I could have imagined.

I want to thank everyone for their support of us and our growing family. It means the world to us! I truly can’t wait to share my experience with all of you. Xo

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