“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

Welcome to my library! Over time, reading has become such a crucial counterpart to my spiritual and emotional healing processes. Answers lay in wait to be discovered within the pages of a book, and whichever book I happen to be reading is my life’s manual. Some books become missed connections; read in the wrong place at the wrong time, deterring me from experiencing it’s full potential. I still read, because there is something to take from every story. However, there’s one important thing to remember: As a reader, you reserve the right to leave a book unfinished. I don’t exercise this right often, but life is too short, and our reading lists are too long.


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Recently shelved books:

the one man jubilee Vinegar_girl-final_100x150 brightasheaven clashofkings


Past favorites:

  got1 radio girls goodtoafault costofallthings lookatyounow

night-circus follow-river fearful-symmetry art-of-fielding house-at-the-edge

 girl-who-wrote born-to-run wench we-were-liars necessary-lies

 the-rocks love-with-a-chance city-of-theives calling-me-home come-away-with-me

 give-you-the-sun 10-thousand-things on-the-rocks made-you-up lost-girls

let-you-go fisherman sweetness-of trulymadlyguilty my-grandmother

 orphan-train visible-city yes-pls wild so-much-fun-here-without-you

revenge-radioactive one-plus-one marigolds know-you-anywhere hang-out-some-time

hand-that-feeds-you girl-on-train forever-interrupted daylight-marriage big-little-lies

 before-i-go art-of-racing-in-rain all-that-is

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