Love is Diving in the Ocean

In a long-term committed relationship or marriage, we inevitably experience ebbs and flows of shared happiness with our partners, balanced with shared detachment. Weeks will go by that I can’t seem to connect with my husband no matter how I try; other times, the connection comes so naturally and genuine and I’m not even sure what we’re doing differently. I try not to question that sweetness, and leave it alone to run it’s course, enjoying the most of that easy love while it’ll last. The gentle love keeps me going; the type of feeling that isn’t immediately at the forefront of my mind until I’m experiencing it in real time…

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Amazing Things My Kid Does

Parents, isn’t is downright astonishing that we’ve managed to sustain humans of our own? Whether you gave birth to, adopted, fostered, took responsibility for, however you brought a child into your family, you’ve raised that human by yourself. And that’s pretty freakin’ cool. In the every day shuffle of routine, sometimes we go all day without noticing something adorable, innovative, or otherwise intelligent that our little humans have done, and even the amazing things we witness them do can go long forgotten. Here is a compilation of some of the cool, funny, smart, kind, and human things that my five year old has done…

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The Curse of the Kinkeeper

Several weeks ago I came across this article about the maternal grandparent advantage and while it resonated with me, it also inspired me to return to another conversation that I’ve had many times throughout the years with my husband, close friends, and family: that of the kinkeeper.

Kinkeepers are those family members who provide tangible support for other members, nurture family history and tradition, and keep other family members connected. Often, this role falls to the female head of household or to the oldest daughter, although anyone can perform the function. – Carolyn J. Rosenthal

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